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Benefit from the FOREX market

The international foreign exchange market offers numerous opportunities to make money through the daily fluctuations in currency exchange rates. Take part. The risk is the opportunity! That's the way it is.

Copy Trading / Mirror Trading / Social Trading / Auto Trading

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Welcome to copy trading by the day trader Klaus Oldigs!

Of course, pretty much everyone has long known that conventional investments in times of uncertainty usually no longer yield much and can also lose a lot of value.

Something better is needed and has to give way to the familiar. Nobody with sound economic expertise and the intention to make a profit still has a fixed-term deposit with low-interest rates at the bank, or a home loan and savings contract for many years, or buys life insurance because that would probably be simply foolish. 

New markets are much more interesting and only sometimes riskier. An experienced expert can help to manage your own account in such a way that there is a good probability of making satisfactory profits in return for a share of the profits without having to do anything yourself. 

The profits achievable are undoubted as impressively high as they are likely to remain the exception with normal investment funds and are at best roughly comparable with very few, high-quality hedge funds  (James H. Simons) (and many people are still blatantly persuaded that this cannot be true or would even be dubious in order to distract from the poor results of many other investments on the market with a comparable risk/reward ratio).

And here are the results of an expert group of traders in the crypto-currency markets. 

Every quarter of the years 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 the management made profits, compounded over sevenl hundred percent.

Please note that the crypto-currency trading outperformed any stock index, even bitcoin with a "buy-and-hold" strategy or gold.

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